The seminar will take place each Tuesday at 8:30 at Mala Strana in the room 511.


This course will focus on familiarizing students with the latest advances in the field of computational neuroscience. The course will be a mixture of invited talks, journal paper reviews and discussion sessions. The course is open to all those interested in neuroscience, particularly from the point of view of modelling of the neuralsystems.

The introductory meeting will be followed by a series of invited lectures, discussion seminars, and presentations of articles. In the first few classes, we will agree on who will present which article and when. Presentations of articles will be concentrated more in the second half of the semester, so that individual students have time to prepare. An important part of the seminar will be the invited lectures, which will change each semester, and their planning will therefore take place operatively each semester.


To obtain the credit, you must attend at least 10 seminars. It is mandatory to actively participate in the discussion to count the participation in the seminar. Next, each participant has to presentone journal article during the course.