Computational neuroscience seminar

When and Where:

Each Wednesday at 11am both in-person (Prague, Malostranské náměstí 25, room 510) and remotely (Zoom link)


This seminar will focus on familiarizing participants with the latest advances in the field of computational neuroscience. It will be a mixture of invited talks, journal paper reviews and discussion sessions. The seminar is open to all those interested in neuroscience, particularly from the point of view of modelling of the neural systems. All participants are encouraged to present and actively take part in discussions. Order of presenters, as well as seminar topics with be planned during the course of the semester with appropriate time in advance.

Requirements for students to gain credits

To obtain credits, it is required to attend at least 10 seminars, actively participate in the discussion and present one journal article during the course or the semester.

Upcoming talks

Date Presenter Topic Presenter’s affiliation
25.01.23    David Berling    Data-driven reduction of dendritic morphologies with preserved dendro-somatic responses    Charles University
01.02.23    Remy Cagnol    A Computational Model of Direction Selectivity in Macaque V1 Cortex Based on Dynamic Differences between On and Off Pathways    Charles University


Past talks

Date Presenter Topic Presenter’s affiliation
21.09.22    David Berling    Closed-loop optogenetic control of neural activity (link1, link2)    Charles University
05.10.22    Karolína Korvasová    Topological analysis of population activity in visual cortex    Charles University
12.10.22    Tibor Rózsa    Distinguishing externally from saccade-induced motion in visual cortex    Charles University
19.10.22    Rémy Cagnol    The functional organization of cortical feedback inputs to primary visual cortex    Charles University
26.10.22    Luca Baroni    Learning invariance manifolds of visual sensory neurons    Charles University
02.11.22    Ján Antolík    Targeted cortical stimulation reveals principles of cortical contextual interactions    Charles University
30.11.22    Karolína Korvasová    Reconstructing imagined letters from V1 reveals tight topographic correspondence between visual mental imagery and perception    Charles University
07.12.22    Anna Agafonova    Visual cortex neurons phase-lock selectively to subsets of LFP oscillations    Charles University
14.12.22    Matej Voldřich    Experience drives the development of novel, reliable cortical sensory representations from endogenously structured networks    Charles University
21.12.22    Martin Picek    Perception-to-Image: Reconstructing Natural Images from the Brain Activity of Visual Perception    Charles University
04.01.23    Jakub Kopko    Quantifying the distribution of feature values over data represented in arbitrary dimensional spaces    Charles University
11.01.23    Luca Baroni    Perceptography: unveiling visual perceptual hallucinations induced by optogenetic stimulation of the inferior temporal cortex    Charles University
18.01.23    Anna Agafonova    Hemispherically lateralized rhythmic oscillations in the cingulate-amygdala circuit drive affective empathy in mice    Charles University


2021-2022 talks