NAIL087: Informatics and Cognitive Science


This course represents an introduction into the subjects of computational neuroscience and cognitive psychology. The first semester focuses on basics of neural computation, including canonical models of neurons, architecture of cortical circuitry and its function and information processing in neural substrate. This basic knowledge is then built upon to introduce students to principles of cognition in several example systems, including vision and motor system.


1) A computational modelling task
2) A psychological experiment
3) Written test: Required reading: Bear book, available in library, chapters 1-5.


Computational analysis homework is here. Psychological experiment assignemnt is here.

Lecture overview and slides

1.10.    Ján Antolík - Introduction (S4,S8: 10:40-13:50)    slides   video
8.10.    Ján Antolík - Neurons - Biology (S4,S8: 10:40-13:50)    slides   video
15.10.    Ján Antolík - Neurons - Models (S4,S8: 10:40-13:50)    slides   video
22.10.    Ján Antolík - Neural coding (S4: 10:40-12:10), Filip Dechterenko - Seminar I (S8: 12:20-13:50)   slides   video   slides video
29.10.    Ján Antolík - test (S4: 19:40-12:10), Cortical architecture (S8: 12:20-13:50)   slides  video
5.11.    Ján Antolík - Introduction to Visual System (S4,S8: 10:40-13:50)    slides   video
12.11.    Jiri Lukavsky - Cognitive psychology I (S4,S8: 10:40-13:50)    slides1   slides2 video
19.11.    Jiri Lukavsky - Cognitive psychology II (S4,S8: 10:40-13:50)   slides video
3.12.    Filip Dechterenko - Seminar II (S4,S8: 10:40-13:50)    slides    video
10.12.    Matej Hoffman - Motor system (S4,S8: 10:40-13:50)    slides1 slides2
17.12.    Jiri Lukavsky - Cognitive psychology III (S4,S8: 10:40-13:50)    slides1 slides2 video
7.1.    Filip Dechterenko - Seminar III (S4,S8: 10:40-13:50)