NAIL088: Informatics and Cognitive Science 2


This course gives an introduction into computational neuroscience and cognitive psychology. The second term will focus primarily on visual system, computational modelling, memory systems, spatial cognition, motor systems, but neural and behavioral learning will also be covered. Starting from school year of 2017/2018 this lecture is given in English.

Lecture overview and slides

5.3.    Introduction (slides)
12.3.    Sub-cortical vision, color, binocularity (slides)    (video)
19.3.    Medium-to-high level vision I (slides)    (video)
26.3.    Medium-to-high level vision II (slides)    (video)
2.4.    State holidays   
9.4.    Computational modelling: system identification   
16.4.    Computational modelling: dynamical modelling   
23.4.    Methodology of neurobiology (Kamil Vlček)   
30.4.    Hippocampus (Karel Ježek)  
7.5.    Memory (Kamil Vlček)  
14.5.    Computational modelling: normative models  
21.5.    Spatial cognition (Kamil Vlček)  
28.5.    Cognitive theories of multimedia learning (Cyril Brom)  
4.6.    Synaptic plasticity (Daniel Novák)  

Lab work

4.3    Mean field approaches: slides    video(part1)    video(part2)    assignment
TBA    Development and learning in vision - theoretical session   
TBA    Development and learning in vision - practical session