NAIL088: Informatics and Cognitive Science 2


This course gives an introduction into computational neuroscience and cognitive psychology. The second term will focus primarily on visual system, computational modelling, spatial cognition. This course runs in English.

Course work

Passing of the course requires three components:

  • Active participation
  • Computational neuroscience paper presentation: the list
  • Term project (in the form of report): the assignment

The term project will be an assignment, which will involve delivering a report on analysis of a model of mouse primary visual cortex.

Lecture overview and slides

The course will take place every Monday at 14:00-17:10 in room 510.

For remote access to the lecture join this Zoom sessoion.

The first 90 minutes will be a lecture followed by 90 minute exercise session. The following schedule is provisional, it can change depending on availability of visiting lecturers.

Date Lecture Exercise Slides
26.2.    Sub-cortical vision, color, binocularity NONE slides
4.3.    Medium-to-high level vision I Mouse V1 DNN models slides
11.3.    Medium-to-high level vision II Measuring orientation tuning in mouse V1 slides
18.3.    Computational modelling: machine learning Term project introduction  
25.3.    Computational modelling: normative models Term project work slides
1.4.    HOLIDAYS Term project work  
8.4.    Computational modelling: development Term project work slides
15.4.    Computational modelling: dynamical models Topographica demo  
22.4.    Synaptic plasticity (Daniel Novák) Term project work  
29.4.    CANCELLED Term project work  
6.5.    Paper presentations I Paper presentations I  
13.5.    Computational modelling: dynamical models II (Pavel Haman) Paper presentations II  
20.5.    Hippocampus (Karel Ježek) Term project work